Monday, April 4, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Been a busy few days here! The retrieval went great! My sister is recovering very well, with only a few cramps to speak of. 14 eggs were retrieved, 10 of great quality. And my doctor just called reporting that all 10 fertilized! So as of now, hubby and I have 10 little ones in Westwood, CA. I wonder if my love for them can take the freeway to get there?

The trigger shot was pretty hilarious. Celebrating J's birthday at a restaurant Friday night, my phone alarm goes off saying it's time. We go to the bathroom to do the shot in a handicapped stall. I push the plunger to get rid of air in the syringe, and put the cap back on. Apparently when I did that I bent the needle slightly, because when I went to inject in her belly the needle would NOT GO IN! We both were like, "oh, @#$%!." I decided, "I'm going to make this thing work, no matter what," and with that as gently as I could pushed it into her thigh area...And it worked!!

I really can't believe we are finished with this chapter of our journey. It's amazing how perfect the timing was for my family. And midway into the cycle, J got the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico and the Carribean for 10 days in May––a vacation so well deserved! I will be grateful to her forever.

Our 5 day transfer is scheduled for this Friday. They do not peek at the embryos until then, so as not to disturb. My heart will be with them. In other great news, my husband injected me last night! Good to know I won't have to shoot myself up every night.


  1. J'espere, congratulations on a terrific ER!!! Grow embies, grow!!! Friday will be here soon and you'll be on your way!!! 

  2. Here from Cyclesista. Wishing you all of the best!