Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Appointment went well today. Phenomenal, even. The doctor's first words were, "Wow, there's lots of eggs in there!". WHEWWW! She said by the time of retrieval there will be 18 eggs–far more than we expected after the first ultrasound, months ago.

J is responding so well to the stims that the retrieval has been moved up from midweek next week, to this Sunday! As in four days from now! And my transfer will be five days after that! All I'm hoping for is a few good embabies. One to implant this cycle, and a couple more  ice-siblings for our little one, down the road.

Feeling much gratitude, right now...


  1. Congratulations J'espere! Looking forward to following your fantastic journey!

  2. I'm glad that it's going so well, and it's exciting to be that much closer to retrieval. Good Luck!

  3. Flygirl and Jenni, thanks for following!