Friday, March 4, 2011

Groceries and Supermodel Mommies

So I went grocery shopping the other day at the Whole Foods in Venice, CA. Each time I go to this store, I see increasingly beautiful people, shopping for the most organic thing they can find.

This specific time, a woman caught my eye. It would have been hard to ignore her if I tried. She was strikingly beautiful–no doubt a supermodel–pushing her equally beautiful baby girl in a shopping cart. Oh, and she was wearing sky-high red Louboutin boots with metal spikes. To buy groceries. Hey, if you've got them, wear them!

This beautiful young mother looked fresh as a flower. Her baby's nanny that was tagging along? Not so much... Girl looked TIRED!

 I'm not mentioning this to disrespect the nanny, but more to comment on different styles of motherhood. All of my friends with children–some with twins– have no help and are exhausted by noon of every day.

People with greater means, or those in different countries can afford to have help with their children on a daily basis. I even have a friend from Vietnam who has four siblings. Each sibling had their OWN NANNY, and since they were monitored 24/7 with one-on-one help, each child was potty trained by 1 year old!

All types of motherhood are special, but I already know that when our little family begins to grow I will be sitting in the group that is tired by noon. I look forward to it.

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