Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Birthday Trip

My sister J will be celebrating her birthday next Thursday, less than a week before the expected egg retrieval. Because we'll practically be attached at the hip (so I can give her medications), I promised to do something special for her on her birthday. We are taking the Amtrak down to San Diego for the day. That keeps me from driving more than I have to, and I'll get to give her stim shots on a train...goody! I'm actually looking forward to breathing the fresh ocean air and enjoying some sun, as Southern California has had torrential rain as of late. I think a day-cation will do us both some good prior to the egg retrieval!

Things are moving fast here, and I feel like the days just fly by! J starts stims tomorrow, and has her first ovary-check next Wednesday. I had some last minute nerves when attempting to give myself the first E2V shot––there were at least two pricks prior to actual success. One day I'll be able to say to my child, "Hey, I gave myself shots in the ass, and I did it for YOU!" (not really!)

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