Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Official!

I braved a digital test this morning to get a concrete answer.
No faint lines again, just a YES or NO answer. And at 9dp5dt, it's official!
I cannot believe it's true. I know it's still early, and that many things can happen in 9 months, but I'm forcing myself to live in the moment. I'm pregnant, and donor egg ivf works. I could not have done this without my sister, who is so excited to be an auntie.

Today is also the 1st anniversary of marriage to my dear husband. I could not have asked for a more special gift.


  1. Eek! Congratulations! And Happy Anniversary :)

  2. WONDERFUL news!!! Time to pop open that bottle of sparkling cider!!!

  3. Congratulations. I like the test that says Yes!