Monday, April 11, 2011


So it's been three days since my transfer, and nothing major to report. Had a very lazy weekend, as one does when on bedrest. Started reading T.C. Boyle's latest book, and watched about 3 or 4 movies. Husband and I walked our dog yesterday afternoon; who thankfully, is under 10 pounds so I can still pick him up!

I find myself searching for symptoms. A twinge, mild cramp... anything that can reassure me that things are going well, even when I know that some women have no symptoms at all during the 2 week wait. I feel very positive about this though. My body is made to create a snuggly warm home for our embryos, and they are made to do their job and settle in. Off to busy myself around the house!


  1. J'espere, hope the 2ww goes by quickly! Every pregnancy is different, so symptoms you might have had on a previous cycle may be different on this one. As you said, some women have none. Symptoms I've had my last 2 bfp's include sudden headaches (lasting a few seconds), peeing frequently, cramps and tiredness,

  2. I hope that the rest of your wait passes quickly, and that the results are awesome.

  3. Flygirl, I'm so inspired by your journey! Thanks for the advice!

    Thanks for the kind wishes, Jenni!

  4. Your story is awesome thanks for sharing. I has helped me tremendously as I am about to start a cycle with my sister. What a gift they have given us!