Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving On

I feel like my heart is a little broken. After getting a BFP on a test, it's natural to build dreams, and begin to visualize what the future will hold. For us, I know in my heart the future still holds parenthood,but that it will come just a little later than expected.

My doctor told me that we should be fine to try another cycle as soon as AF arrives. J is on board to do another cycle. In fact, her response to the chemical pregnancy was, "Don't worry, we'll try again." *Tear*

The doctor said chemical pregnancies occur for the same reasons as other miscarriages--usually a chromosomal abnormality, and that it's just a matter of finding the right embryo. And I know it's easier on the heart to miscarry at this early stage, than to miscarry weeks later into pregnancy when so much hope and attachment has developed.

I hope that we can cycle again very soon. Even though it lasted just a few days, I was pregnant. I know that it can happen again. And I have to believe that next time we will be on the right side of the odds.

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