Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost Back on the Roller Coaster

Today I bought all the meds for donor egg IVF #2. This time around so far I feel less excitement build up around the whole process. Don't get me wrong, I am so hopeful and happy to have the opportunity...but this time I'm more aware of what can go wrong. Maybe I'll feel different when we start the injectables.

Husband and I leave on Tuesday for a two week trip to France––a much needed vacation before jumping back into the whirlwind of an IVF cycle. I have vin rouge and pain au chocolat to look forward to! My doctor told me to have a glass of red for her. I told her I'd have two!! We start our next cycle around May 25th.


  1. How interesting. I am exactly the same - I feel much more cautious and less excited than the first time which ended up in miscarriage.

    It's now five days since I had my last embryo transfer and I keep forgetting I have had it (well kind of but I think it's me trying to push down any feelings of hope for fear of the massive disappointment)

    But I am very excited to hear about your holiday in France. That will be just fantastic - and what a perfect time of the year to go. You'll be able to eat and drink whatever you want as you'll be pre embryo transfer. I hope you have a lovely time away. Where abouts will you go? My husband proposed to me in Paris in a park called Buttes Chaumont so it is a special place for us.

  2. Thanks for commenting, and sharing. I'm so happy to hear about your recent transfer. My hope is with you :)

    We will be staying mostly in Lyon, which is my husband's hometown, and then briefly at a mill b&b (the name/town which escapes me right now!) and a night in Paris.

    How romantic to have a proposal story in Paris. What a wonderful place for that to happen.
    Take care, barrenlazza

  3. J'espere - With the name you chose, how appropriate that you are in France right now! A return to your roots.

    Your next IVF will be here faster than you know it. After going through three rounds of IVF and FINALLY finding success (so far) on our fourth, I completely understand your cautious optimism. We are here to cheer you on!

    Bonne Chance Mon Ami!