Monday, May 30, 2011

Infertility in Other Cultures

The night before we left for France, I went to get a pedicure at a salon my sister often goes to. The woman who worked on my nails stroke up a conversation about her little dog, and we hit it off, as I have a little fur-angel, too.

She asked if I had any children, and I said no, that we were hoping to have some soon. I asked her the same, and she said no. She appeared to be in her late 30's to mid 40's, so beautiful her age didn't easily reveal itself. The woman then began speaking of her struggle with infertility. She and her husband had tried for 10 years, and no baby ever came. I asked if she had gone to a doctor, and told her there were specialists that could help her, but she simply said, "No."

She then told me that once when traveling back to her homeland of Vietnam, some friends told her the reason she had no children was because she loved her dog the same way she would love a child. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She warned me not to love my own dog too much, or risk having no children. I felt so bad for her, and told her I did not think that was the reason she didn't have a child. She warned me again. My heart wanted to tell her part of my story, and let her know there were options out there to bring her the child of her dreams. How could I explain to her how terribly wrong her superstitions were, while in the middle of a nail shop?

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  1. This is a tough one as if you had said her superstitions were wrong you may have offended her.

    It sounds like you did the right thing just listening to her.

    But there are some dumb reasons that infertiles are given by those who have kids. Telling someone they don't have kids because their dog/cat too much is ridiculous!

    I love my doggy so much and if anything, the cuddles we have I'm sure will help me to conceive rather than hinder it!