Thursday, June 9, 2011

There are Two Ways to See Things

Last night we had a hump-day BBQ for our friend JM, visiting from China. His wife is the pregnant woman I referred to a couple posts back for whom we are storing baby goods in our den. He came by to pick up all the wares, and upon opening the boxes, came up and offered me a baby play gym and a pregnancy pillow! Apparently Mrs. JM had bought duplicates of those items and he said he'd rather give it to us because, "That's the plan, right?". I said, "I hope so...".

My first response was to question if I did the right thing in accepting these gifts. I wondered if I was pushing my luck, and started thinking superstitiously about the whole deal. Then, I realized that possessing the items will not affect whether this cycle works or not. It will work or fail, all on it's own.

Our future child just received their first gift. I don't know if this cycle will be the one that will brings us this child, but he or she will come. Eventually...

1 comment:

  1. You're right - these gifts won't stop you from having a baby - although it is hard not to be superstitious!

    Instead, hopefully they will help you conceive your baby...fingers crossed.