Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Overdue Update

Don't know if anyone will see this, but thought I'd post anyway.

After the last failure and discovery that husband had an issue, I didn't have the heart or energy to put into keeping up with the fertility stuff. I'm still hopeful, but I know having a baby will take more time than we we've got on with life!

My husband is scheduled for surgery this Friday for the varicocele he was diagnosed with. Hopefully the surgery will go well (TOUCH WOOD!), and in a few months we will know if his sperm is better. We have already discussed the option of using his brother's sperm down the road, if things go poorly. The good thing is, there are always more options that can lead to children someday.

I just peeked at a few blogs I was following way back when, and am so happy to see that the donor egg process is resulting in healthy baby bumps, and very soon, fat, healthy babies!!



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  1. Hi
    It's great to see you back online.

    And it's so good to see that you and your husband are moving on with things. Hopefully the surgery will help and you'll be able to use his sperm, but otherwise hopefully his brother will be able to help. Wouldn't that be amazing? A baby with your sister's eggs and your husband's brother's sperm?!

    Best of luck and keep us posted x